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Hayfield and the Moors

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Fantastic views on our Hayfield and Moors Nordic Walk. The lead up to the walk was really hot, (Remember when we had sun?) The change in the weather was most welcome for our walk as it made for much nicer walking conditions than earlier in the week.

Leaving Hayfield Bus Station we headed along the Sett Valley Trail before joining the Pennine Bridleway and making our way up to the summit of Lantern Pike, our highest point on the walk. At several points along the way you could make out the shooting cabin which we were due to pass later on the walk.

Along lanes and through farmland we then crossed the Glossop / Hayfield Road and started the moorland part of our walk before dropping back down into Hayfield off the Snake Path.

Just over 12km walked and very nearly 400m of ascent. Well done everyone.

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