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Pyms' Chair and Goyt Valley

On Friday 9th July we met up at 9:30 at Pyms' Chair Car park near Kettleshulme. As we set off it promised to be a walk with great views everywhere and it didn't disappoint!

As we crested the hill we could see the Ridge we'd be walking along later, however first we dropped down towards Errwood and Fenilee Reservoirs and visited the Spanish Shrine, Errwood Hall and the graveyard of the family who used to live there. We then made our way up the switchbacks on the hillside up to Stakeside where several breathers were needed because of the hill and the humidity. As we climbed towards the summit of Shining Tor we could spy The Cat and Fiddle and also some wild cotton too.

After a short break we made our way back towards the car park, over Cat's Tor and Pyms' Chair. Pym's Chair was a rock formation that was either used as a pulpit by a non-conformist preacher or a lookout for a highwayman along the old packhorse trails. 10.6km walked and 327m of height gain overall.

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