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Lymefield and the Trails

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

On Thursday we met outside Lymefield visitor center, where after a short warm-up we headed amongst some industrial ruins as we made our way along the Etherow Goyt Valley Way. There were lots of lovely looking traditional mill terraces too.

After we crosssed the main road the views across the valley towards Cown Edge opened up as we passed between some very pretty farmhouses on our way to joim the Pennine Bridleway we took a short detour to visit the site of Melandra Castle (Roman Fort ) while there we tried to imagine what the view would have been like without all the trees back in Roman times.

We returned to the Pennine Bridleway followed by a short stint by the road before joining the Trans Pennine Trail and dropping down through fields to a development of very smart looking houses being built on some of the old mill complex.

Once the walk had finished we visited the Lymfield Garden Centre Farm Shop and bought some supplies for home. (They were all very nice too)

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