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Macclesfield Forest and Tegg's Nose

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

On Saturday we gathered at Trentabank Visitor Centre to do one of our Longer Nordic Walks with a different starting place. This meant that we would hit the steep climb up to Tegg's Nose earlier in the walk than we had in the past.

The weather was slightly overcast but very reasonable for walking in, as we made our way up the hill we became a little stretched out and as we reached the track near the top some of the group went off to the left around the old quarry machines and the remainder went over the top.

The two groups soon merged and we headed down to Charity Lane as the temperature increased from earlier on in the walk. As we climbed up and under the canopy of the forest it was noticably cooler and welcome too!

We were treated to views of bluebells and the hill of Shutlingsloe through the gaps in the trees, as we made our way back to the start.

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